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Mid Century Modern House Renovation

Memphis, Tennessee

A sexy conversion of modernist Architect Aydelott’s abandoned architecture office in Memphis, Tennessee to a stunning, light-infused three-bedroom house. The low-lying sleek building sits on a corner inviting natural light in from three directions. Our reconfiguration for the house rotates around a core of three new playful bathrooms in its center with three bedrooms in the former architect’s private offices on east side, a stunning southern-facing living room with floor to ceilings glass in the former conference room, and a 30-foot long kitchen on the west side, leading to the soaring 15-foot ceiling, former drafting studio, now living and dining rooms. Floor to ceiling glass windows and doors integrate the interior with exterior as the gardens become part of the architecture. New slatted metal and wood gates further shield the house from the street, while providing sculptural artist elements that allow light to filter through to the house.